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BIBLIOPOLIS is (well,  was) the middle "chapter," a kind of hinge section, in *. S**** Y****'s rather juvenile (hindsight, bien sûr)  Double Prime: the politics of quotation and Benjamin's N Konvolut—in fine, a pile of quotations from and about Benjamin's writings, plaited with a sort of aphoristic commentary and prefaced by a regrettably superficial essay. BIBLIOPOLIS' appearance in this context makes possible the reinvigoration of an intention in  Double Prime that had to be announced and subverted, ironically, through all of its initial appearances (1995-1997). The exigency of these initial appearances involved policies of "academic honesty," and this reinvigorated intention concerns the concepts of attribution, of "initial," of origin (per se?),  of appearance in the first place. (Unfortunately 'reinvigoration' does not mean improvement for this bit of intellectual juvenilia.) Alors, highway robbery: BIBLIOPOLIS (31KB pdf) (this version does not include images; to acquire an illustrated copy, email The SYborg).

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