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The Pretense Petting Zoo of The SYborg is a menagerie of quote-unquote serious writings at least vaguely apropos Bestand—infants, offspring of Leander Gaux-Yon's infamous FakeText group (detailed in The SYborg mythos; see also FRAGMENTum a: faketext). "Serious" must be understood as a generic and institutional designation, for The SYborg has always maintained this differentiation, this hierarchy of genres (serious, playful, seriously playful, playfully serious, etc.), as a disciplinary line to be asymptotically approached, crisscrossed, but not destroyed. Caveats aside, it'll be all right. Open the gate. Don't be scared. They won't bite. It's adults you have to worry about...

December 1996, *. S*** Y**** takes his second crack (the first a high school project, fifty flawed pages that, albeit hilarious  now as these things are wont to be, had a profound effect on their author) at comprehending the works of Thomas Pynchon.
Apostasy a priori: the Postmodern Verisimilar; or, Toward a Theory of Character in the Fiction of Pynchon (114KB pdf)
G****** ****** on  Apostasy a priori: It is "of course all over the place and in trying to think if this is more a virtue or a defect, I go mostly for the former....there's a certain elliptical quality to [the] writing since [it] cover[s] so much and...get[s] so many figures involved in the argument...such jumping about seems justified...The bottom line for me is that this all works on the level of the individual sentence..."

December 1997, The SYborg composes what amounts to a manifesto—a preliminary essaying of its approach to Heidegger's lectures on technology. Subsequent developments are, of course,  elsewhere... Not everything can be hidden by the Sailor who, thankfully, does not conceal concealment.
Die Kehre...nach (42KB pdf)
J*** ********* on  Die Kehre...nach: "...interesting, intelligent, slightly [that's putting it mildly] convoluted..."

More baby animals are coming soon to the Petting Zoo.

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