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sometimes he does not know himself where he is going
A site—virtual locus for collection and presentation of things and phenomena related to a certain game, that of The SYborg in The City of dreams— "And this apparatus is better the more consumers it is able to turn into producers—that is readers or spectators into collaborators." -Benjamin
Bestand currently stands as:

collective cognitive mapping of The City grounded in the activity of drinking; this section can be said to amount to lists of bars unfolded  by drinkers  for drinkers, "reviewed," that is, by  you

compendium of recent additions to topography

autobiographical writing of The SYborg grounded in the activity of questioning  who, what, and/or  when "is" The SYborg? this section can be said to amount to journals and other individual productions

And Bestand is always under construction that presupposes destruction ... topography is only a beginning, while The SYborg mythos, also beginning, monstrously grows. In the first place we apparently have to rethink "in the beginning."


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