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Pressured by legal consultants, The SYborg capitulates to cardinal violations of 'a certain game.' Hopefully the edges of that game are only sharpened thereby, and the vertigo of playing itself intensified. Hopefully.

Pages, images, and contents of this website (http://www.bestand.com, i.e., Bestand) are designed, created, and written by Theo A. Nusyg, copyright © 1999, 2000 & 2001.

Four exceptions: 1) Writings and materials submitted by satellites and other orbiters belong to the individuals responsible for writing and/or submitting them. Thanks and serious props to the satellites for answering The Call! 2) Quotations from additional sources are duly attributed. Figure out the parodies for yourself. 3) Among innumerable others, some dumb joe, who produced Flash for Imago, PK1, MisterDasein, Punky, and The Whole KYGL Crew provided means, feedback, advice, experience, and inspiration. 4) G is working the audio action.

Let us be sensible though. Gregory Ulmer once remarked apropos Sherrie Levine's work that "'copyright' now means the right to copy anything," and the Internet verifies his remark. But if you are utilizing stores from this website to quote-unquote serious purpose, e.g., capitalism, then a pox on you, pig. Why would anyone steal from an alcoholic's drinking notebook? Questions? Then email The SYborg or contact Theo A. Nusyg.

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