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(narrativizing impulses?) "We start with atomic parts, but these atomic parts have transitions, passages, 'tendencies,' which circulate from one to another. These tendencies give rise to habits. Isn't this the answer to the question 'what are we?' We are habits, nothing but habits—the habit of saying 'I.' Perhaps there is no more striking answer to the problem of the Self." -Deleuze
a priori
" adj. 1. from a general law to a particular instance; valid independently of observation... 2. existing in the mind independent of experience. 3. conceived beforehand. [1645-55; < L: lit., from the one before...]"
We are not yet ready for the always already...
"You gather ridiculous molecular excrement for atomic literature (92KB wav)." -Sir Menelik
in medias res
"It is not a matter of sacraments, but of the Luciferian privilege of blaspheming the Satan to whom one is addicted." -Benjamin
"the arrangement of things the argument against the body warring bodies corroding wires of habit in the cold brain (107KB wav) I imagine the tentacles of the game reaching backward into the fingers up the nerves to a trapped organ of conquest we believed that the cybernetic approach to consciousness whipped up frothy would carry us to a plateau overlooking a pleasant mirror but instead left us blathering in the dressed up solitude of mannequin planets twirling in a blank and unfriendly spaciousness oblivious to our passionate confusion the players played bent gargantuan over the playing field" -Bernstein
"At times she takes the form of an old woman and at times the form of a little girl. And when she takes the form of a little girl, don't imagine that your soul is as pure as a little girl; this is but an indication that she passionately yearns to recapture the purity of her infancy when she was free of sin. The fool substitutes the  form for the  need; the wise man substitutes  will for  need." -S.Y. Agnon
Raw and cooked?
The question pertains to the possibility of an entire mythic universe, for here are some others along the way of The SYborg, fellow travellers, strange bedfellows:
Timothy Speed Levitch
Charlie LeDuff
Mr. Beller
and of course
...an honorary fellow?
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