| new
in the future perfect

-new satellite-
Friend Abraham

-new urban coordinates-
{Joe's Bar}
{Latin Quarter}

-new research-

-summery summary-
Bestand settles into its new address,
www.bestand.com, @ last,
as The SYborg unsettles itself
for summer itinerancy & maybe
an ultra-lean month of joblessness.
So listen up,
the stretch between 6-29 & 7-27
won't be seeing any updates here,
but don't be discouraged—when
did the summer bloom & blush of
your drinking crush come to
depend on a website?
Carry on;
any new materials
you submit will appear
@ the end of July...

-recently appended urban coordinates-
[Jimmy's Corner]
[Julie's Sports Bar]
[Circa Tabac]
[Toad Hall]
[Liquor Store]
{119 Bar}
[College Green]

-recently appended lexicalium-
{These Dark Times}

(Bestand is neoterized weekends.)
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