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"Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard" -Mallarmé

You will hear it articulated throughout topography; it is precisely what cannot be pinned down, or it has already eluded: topography as cognitive mapping as epiphenomenon as origin...

A list of urban coordinates assumes merely the most arbitrary or calculated shape in the absence of a moving between coordinates. These coordinates are places to be, hold up, but  way? is more pressing, the question of an itinerary that appears determinate only afterward and that affects your experience of coordinates, as departure, opening, as arrival, preparation.

Above all, how did you come to be here? (The epic question, you see, lurks in our neighborhood.) Then walking is of the essence, a reflective, perilously susceptible roaming. (And maybe you begin to see why, in and along this way,  alcohol becomes the precondition par excellence.) Online, topography cannot escape alignment with grid logic, but between gridpoints you experience a certain freedom? that you recognize belatedly? upon your arrival at the next point, the next drink. (And maybe you even begin to see why topography cannot exactly be navigated but must be ventured instead.)

Still, however unwillingly, The SYborg offers these past curiosities, one or two more worn than others, as provocations, inspirations...exemplary co-players?

...as play of chance, for topography is haunted by aleatory daimones that The SYborg manifests performatively—seeking a place to start? a way in?—here:

Theo A. Nusyg's E.Vill. crawl
119 Bar >walk> Mona's >walk> 9C >walk> Cherry Tavern >walk> Sophie's

"That is quite bitter, because it pushes the crawl into the realm of art and personality. Truly, you did ask me right off what it means that the crawl is practised according to a  style, just like art, and where one ends up with a phenomenon such as style. You yourself, of course, will have observed that all kinds of crawl have, as they must, certain peculiarities in common... On the other hand opinions differ about, for instance, the number and scansion of the beats of the foot in relation to the rhythm of the arms, about the path of the arms, about how straight the body should be, and above all how all these details should fit together." -Musil

Leander Gaux-Yon's deviated tourism
Siberia >walk> Rudy's >walk> Smith's >walk> Jimmy's Corner

in the name of flânerie
Barmacy OR Beauty Bar (before the crowd crowds) >walk> Angel's Share OR Solas >walk> Marion's OR Temple Bar >walk> Circa Tabac

gray-Neo and e-Lux's late Sunday stroll
Grass Roots >walk> La Linea >walk> Barramundi >walk> Local 138

Grouch's CW triangle of doom
Hog Pit >walk> Red Rock West >walk> Village Idiot

Satan's Saturday slingshot
L'orange bleue >taxi> Paramount >taxi> Circa Tabac >walk> Liquor Store

Manic Purgatory
Papillion >walk> Johnny's Bar >taxi> somewhere on the LES >walk (Willy-B bridge), drinking> Right Bank >walk> Ship's Mast >walk> Right Bank >walk (Willy-B bridge), dawn approaching

What's that? You're staying home?

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The early SYborg,
route sketch (400KB pdf)
(July 1997)