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"Through cybernetics, the symbol is embodied in an apparatus—with which it is not to be confused, the apparatus being just its support. And it is embodied in it in a literally trans-subjective way....And when I say  machine, you can sense that it isn't simply a little box..." -Lacan

[Theo A. Nusyg [contact] [trace]
is the clumsy coder with the premonition that his parity with The SYborg-an-sich will have been a necessary fiction. Nusyg was an alcoholic sculptor spending time among 7th-generation speed jugglers, dancing girls, graduate students, boxing fans, and other ephemera of Disneyland, when a series of chats with Leander Gaux-Yon drew him to the periphery of the FakeText circle (see The SYborg mythos). His involvement in FakeText increased, and he agreed to sculpt The SYborg's portrait; this brought The SYborg and Nusyg together as collaborators and made Bestand possible online. Nusyg has again and again glimpsed The Shining Path Of Righteousness. He endeavors to walk everyday. He is fond of quoting Benjamin: "The work is the death mask of its conception."]

"say how you been / I've been out of this world / Say where you been / I've been a different girl / I've been up in a black hole / I've been above and below / I've been out of this world / I've been a different girl / I'm in orbit, baby / I'm just flying around / I'm in orbit, baby / and I can't come down (127KB wav)" -Come


urban coordinates added to topography by PK1: Good World, Excelsior, O'Conners, Reis Bar, LOKI, Cornelia St. Lounge, Hank's
research added: 22001}

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{gray-Neo and e-Lux
We started drinking a lot in NYC on the day we quit NYU. We both dropped this boring digital media class on the same day, but we bumped into each other at the registrar and decided to go to a bar together. Turns out we had a lot to talk about. We met Theo randomly one night down at Max Fish, and we dug the stuff he was doing with The SYborg. We're usually looking for cheap beer when we go out and always down with good conversation.

urban coordinates added to topography by gray-Neo and e-Lux: Grass Roots, Village Idiot, Cherokee Phoenix, Good Times, Pour House, Mustang Harry's, Frank's, Barrow Pub, The Raven
research added: 12501}

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{some dumb joe
I can stand on my head and frequently do.

urban coordinates added to topography by some dumb joe: The Greatest Bar on Earth}

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{BrooklynBelle [contact]
socializer, vocalizer, gun for hire, geisha girl, comedic stylist.

urban coordinates added to topography by BrooklynBelle: Vera Cruz, Holiday Cocktail Lounge, Coyote Ugly Saloon, Pete's Candy Store, Stinger Club, Yabby, Spa, Maries Crisis, Union Pool
research added: 3801}

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Ability to not see. Willingness to spin in circles regardless of context. Above average bladder control.

urban coordinates added to topography by MisterDasein: The Other Room, Baktun, Boxcar Lounge}

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{mongoose [MIA: Please email The SYborg if you know how to contact mongoose.]

urban coordinates added to topography by mongoose: Cousins II, Montero's, Quench, Sparky's, BOAT
research added: 10600}

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anaphanisiac. antiphlebotomist. sometime apostate of the law of gravity (one should say, the faith in gravity, literally a kind of seriousness devolving upon a close investment with meat, any meat, even halal meat). member: outpatients' ingroup interminable. oi!

urban coordinates added to topography by Vigour: Alva}

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{Cassandra [contact]
Erstwhile prophet with a penchant for the misaligned. Herself maligned, misunderstood. Hobbies include pissing just about anywhere, stealing words, borrowing thoughts. Usually goes something like this: "the drunk and the madman inside me take a liking to each other. They sit down on the ground together..." and chaos ensues.

urban coordinates added to topography by Cassandra: Clementine, Zum Schneider, Megadecibel, Alibi, Julie's Sports Bar
lexicalia added by Cassandra: "(just) one drink", penis envy
research added: special, 22001}

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{P.k-7 [contact]
cannot sit still. don't attempt tracking.

urban coordinates added to topography by P.k-7: Brownies, Tomi, The Ding-Dong Lounge, Freddy's
research added: 22001}

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{Jakeed [contact] [trace]
seething mumbling stumbling like a red spider

urban coordinates added to topography by Jakeed: Gavin Brown, Bistro 43, Potion Lounge, Evelyn Lounge, Zanzibar
lexicalia added by Jakeed: T.O.N.Y.
research added: 111900, special, 61601}

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{Hogo de Bergerac [contact]
Mask your fears, so that others become foolhardy and destroy themselves.

urban coordinates added to topography by Hogo de Bergerac: McKenna's Pub}

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{Eclipse the Gum [contact]
Eliminates strong mouth odors
"But, not she would come alone...Girls out of unwitholding graves would come too and stand here...For how could I ever limit the call, how once the call is made?"—7th Duino
"It can never be art for art's sake. Honourably enough, it is always art with work to do." -The Sadeian Woman

urban coordinates added to topography by Eclipse the Gum: Antarctica, Doc Holliday's, Korova Milk Bar, Library Bar, Henrietta Hudson's, Daddy-O, The Room, Club 44, White Horse Tavern, An Beal Bocht, Liffey II Bar, Arka, Seville Lounge, Tribe, The Baggot Inn, Collins Bar, Spring Lounge, Angel, Parkside Bar, Ike, McAnn's Pub, Reynold's Bar, Swift's, Bleeker Street Bar, The Shandon Star—RIP, McGee's Pub, Brother's Barbecue, Whiskey Ward, Drip
lexicalia added by Eclipse the Gum: hesher, Drunken Invincibility Disorder (D.In.D.), Sobering up, job, work, career, etc., split, "get _____ a drink", boofsah lights}

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flipped on my perceptik cogs / checked in with the future gods / for melodies of bees and hogs / start my day the perfect way / burned a batch of mazzy funk / poor girl noise and choke style punk / clapped it on and off I slunk / to the streamXsonik subway / first I need my iris scanned / as I smell the breeze of electric tin / w/purple lights i'm motioned in / wink the gain to minus 10 / fell asleep and missed my stop / got rousted by a low-beam cop / got a ticket-patch for illicit flop / then froze me with his jesus gun / that don't mean i'm shot down yet / the glow below of the whisper jet / it all means so much to us / we dream below the rainbows rust / clipped on my streetmatik clogs / pushed thru the hyped-out fervent fogs / found my way with sensoid jogs / new radio structure / state my name and locus frame / paid the price for crashing fame / the apprentice sparks his initial flame / the printout signs say "further" / antique minds with rivered hair / streamXsonik subway fare / stay in touch electric dear / our lightmap eyes together (sonic youth)

urban coordinates added to topography by namenskid: Dicks, The Half King, Great Lakes, Sin City, Last Exit, The Shannon Pot Pub, Latin Quarter
research added: 52101}

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{joshua [contact]

urban coordinates added to topography by joshua: Papillion
joshua also provided images for WXOU Radio.}

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{Friend Abraham
Quaker - hence, Pacifist. Rare tendency to vomit in the presence of strangers if he "quaff too much ale." Even worse, one time he diarrheaed his pants, he was so damn LOADED!
Please trust the accuracy of his reviews.

urban coordinates added to topography by Friend Abraham: Joe's Bar}

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This form
is available at the top and bottom of each (topoi) page. Send The SYborg additional field notes, new urban coordinates, lexicalia, research, The Word On The Street. Note: The SYborg may idiosyncratically tweakedit—as little as possible!—materials it receives; in some cases it may ignore them altogether.

is the page reflecting your contributions to topography. And satellites—you—are not peripherals, as if The SYborg were some kind of CPU, for in the first place the way of The SYborg is satelliting, orbiting what already is orbiting, in a field of force. Satellites orbiting The SYborg orbiting satellites: topography is a collective venture.

"But, then, the sameness of the authentically existing self is separated ontologically by a gap from the identity of the I maintaining itself in the multiplicity of its 'experiences.'" -Heidegger

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Theo A. Nusyg,  untitled (1997), ink on bar napkin