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Brother's Barbecue
W Houston @ Varick
Borderlands West
{ Eclipse the Gum 2/23/01: If you like cold, tasteless, hour-late BBQ, check this place out. Also check out if you like a barstaff that knows what you drink and how you drink it. This is the only place in NYC (aka the world) that I've had my first drink of the night bought for me by the bartender. A little embarassing, because I was with a number of coworkers I didn't want to know me that well...a lot gratifying, because what a way to start off!}

Madame X
Houston, W of LaGuardia
Borderlands West
I've been but once. The back room is luxurious, almost a period piece. { PK1 11/16/99: Excellent cocktails, worthy of the higher than average price garnered. And the atmosphere, particularly in the back room (sort of men's club smoking room meets old west brothel foyer) is welcoming, that is, of course, if it's not a weekend night. Then, good luck in the fight for those plush red cushions.} [Been back, and ja, observe The Law of Week-Ends-and-Nights, if you want to sit, that is.] [...while, say, a Thursday promises, well promises pure and simple, dreadlocked regulars periodically assuring themselves of your well-being, tender pouring drinks in a cavalier fashion, helping to alleviate the dreadful prices (but you must make contact, or he will forget you're there at all), patrons drinking enough to intoxicate a small village.] [Madame X grows on you. I begin to derive pleasure from the 'X', which seems to capture something of its advantageous location.]

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