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273 Brighton Beach Ave
Brighton Beach
To have made the decision to drop the cash, to hire the car, to put on the clothes! The expansive dining floor visually resembles a bar mitzvah or wedding, the first of several bizarre courses of Russian fare piled beneath plastic wrap on long banquet tables. Then the Gordon's begins arriving and continues arriving well into the wee hours. The intoxication, though, has already begun with the attended bathroom and the coat check booth that also serves as a commercial knickknackatory. The dancing of entire Russian families defies description, and the floor show must be seen to be believed, as They say. The most astonishing aspect of the National is the spontaneous sense of community that arises among the floor-level patrons, who, in spite of age and culture, collect before the stage to dance drunkenly to a random mix of traditional and Midi music performed by Russian sisters, twins.

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