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{ mongoose 3/10/00: New hotty among the locals, has that kind of "dawn in Japan" feeling—brushed metal tables, lounge area, giant spheres gently illuminate the interior while patrons in DKNY apparel savor neighbor theme drinks (like "the G train") at the under-lit bar. Good energy overall, when not too crowded. The mix: mildly affluent professional types, disaffected artsy-fartsy with a splash of blue-collar local. Primarily an arrow (as in straight as), not much ethnic, class or gender mixing makes for a kind of presumed, let's recreate modern Soho, experience. No surprises here, good or bad—which makes Quench a nice place, but unfortunately predictable. It does has a certain appeal, and is worth a stop-over on a Wednesday evening.} { PK1 2/5/01: thought it was yet another Brooklyn lesbian bar. then i realized it was just one step above bridge night. i'm in honky on the move; the move in, that is.}

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