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McAnn's Pub
58, 5/Madison
Central Park South
{ Eclipse the Gum 1/24/01: This place has a sign on the wall that says something to the effect of "A Pub in the New York Tradition." And praise be, if this isn't one of my favorite new places. Basically, it's a pour-your-own kind of bar. By that, I mean the bartender fills your glass to just shy of the lip, then tops it off with three ice cubes. When those cubes have melted, he adds three more. And let's face it—this is how we pour our own in the comfort of the four walls. This beautiful distribution of liquids ran me $4.75. The two and a half story view looks into FAO Schwartz, so the surreal factor runs pretty high...especially when coupled with the acid rock and teeny disco blasting from the steree-airy-o. I was there on a (weather-wise) yuck Saturday; this place I see as being strictly hands-off during the week.}

McGee's Pub
55, Broadway/8
Central Park South
{ Eclipse the Gum 2/14/01: This preppied-up dive serves an average everything. But, I keep going there, because the utter mundanity of the joint always sparks some epiphany in myself: social, professional, antisocial, unprofessional. Sit down at a table, then order from the bar and watch the waiter/patron egg toss begin...use with caution.}

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