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The Greatest Bar on Earth
top of WTC 1
{ some dumb joe 2/24/00: in these dark times it should be pointed out that one can enjoy a coffee and a beer at fairly (on consideration of the forthcoming ironic delight) inoffensive prices whilst looking down upon, literally and figuratively, the denizens of NYC. situated in the heart of conservative air conditioned rule enforced wall street is a bar immodestly self titled "the greatest bar on earth." for a nominal entrance fee ($0.00 and a nod to the conservative in us all) you can unlike anyone else in towers 1 2 3 4 & 5 drink your coffee and beer (at the same time—i suggest) and smoke. time tested afternoon/early evening. i've had some perverse enjoyment lighting up while helicopters swoop beneath me} { Eclipse the Gum 1/17/01: My encounter with this haven of dreck centered around a guest list invitation to a Jonathan Fire*Eater record release party. I don't remember paying for a single drink. I do remember sitting down in the restaurant part, and that just got me more free drinks. I don't remember the name of the NYU dance major I wound up in bed with. I do remember where she lives. I don't remember the view being that "great." I do remember the band got up and played some tunes. That was 4 years ago.}

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