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Fulton @ Lafayette
Fort Greene
{ gray-Neo and e-Lux 9/16/00: like pretty much everyone in this crazy city, e-Lux and I have gone to  a lot of bars. It's been like two years since we've been so excited about one of them! Check it out. Frank's rocks (except for the 5$ Coronas)...all kinds of people gettin together...old, young, hip, square, white, black. VERY COOL. This is what the city's supposed to be all about! I can't believe The SYborg hasn't listed Frank's yet [Shhh, keep your voice down; there may be a reason why Fort Greene hasn't seemed to appear on The SYborg's radar: in light of epidemic gentrification, it's meet to count the costs, kittling, to consider the problem of which—best intentions or not—you are a part. -Theo A. Nusyg]!} [Quietly but firmly I say Frank's rocks. At the bar a man from Memphis tells me, though, that it's been written up...alas.] { Cassandra 4/10/01: Even the most ape shit Friday night at a trendy East Village bar does not compare to the sheer force of the crowd here on weekends. They don't believe in crowd control or lines, so even at 3AM this place is packed to the gills with large people (almost as a rule). Getting to the bathroom was like a game of rugby. Getting a drink was like waiting for the G train in the middle of the night. The crowd was diverse - from arrogant over privileged trendy pricks to old time regulars - but you have to want to have every part of your body pressed up against a stranger to come here on the weekends.}

Dekalb, Clermont/Vanderbilt
Fort Greene
{ Cassandra 3/29/01: My first thought when I walked in was to turn around and run out. Not because it wasn't a nice small bar with cheap beer, a good jukebox and plenty of seating, but the crowd looked like folks I went to college with—that over-educated, but still dumb, pseudo-intellectual, underachieving mod look. This place is way chill—apparently being a regular here comes with perks, which can include taking the Alibi home with you. The crowd of all colors had harmoniously managed to get thoroughly shit-faced, with no compunctions about approaching total strangers and blabbering nonsensically. It is in these instances where I have a rare attack of penis envy. Because although I was with three guys, the minute Drunk Guy got to me, friendly blather turned to sloppy come-on.} { namenskid 3/31/01: Rock'n'roll high school! First time I came here I can't remember when, but I was disgracefully sober at some kind of yuppie-wannabe shindig and was bored, bored, bored. Out the back, slapped on some  Evol and hit the street, big beers in my bag rubbing my hip raw...found myself after a stretch at the Alibi, soddenly blotto. Welcome to the next level...couple of well whiskeys and asked for directions to the  D train. Next time I came was a few nights ago. My fortune at the Chinese restaurant said, "All the preparation you've done will finally be paying off!" Good enough, I thought and again, drank to catatonia. "Where were you last night?" I  got an alibi: I can't remember.} { namenskid 4/12/01: And the weekend tender  knows his shit, yeah.} { gray-Neo and e-Lux 6/6/01: We got our asses out to Alibi to see what's up and the answer is a lot of good stuff! ...big blocks of Public Enemy playing on the jukebox, and all sorts of characters in rap-along. Alibi: good strong drinking place, you know, with alcohol lubricating all sorts of conversation. And it's cheap! we drank a lot of beer at 2.50 a pop! nice, and there's pool too. Sure, Drunk Guy's making the rounds, but you just can't leave a place like this...} { Jakeed 6/12/01: the Alibi mellows me out nice on ice tra la la you gotta dig telepathic tenders who mind their own biz the beer foams and fizz until I have to pee that is until I get to enjoy the WC where Screeching Weasel graffiti competes with "Bush likes Dick" is that a political statement you're making I write on the wall real small above it while zipping up my pants and I prayed prayed I tell you as I washed my hands: dear Jesus, if the yuppies really do take over Fort Greene won't you please keep them out of the Alibi: Amen!} { Cassandra 6/13/01: Beers are so damn cheap! I would be here all the time if I didn't need a male escort. Girls beware, the Alibi has an unusually high concentration of lechers.}

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