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"mystery Greenpoint bar"
Tweezers's old block
This is the place the hangers-on went following Tweezers' house-warming. I can't remember what it's called, nor is it likely I will return, ever, especially since Tweezers moved. [A German-looking joint, still alive, I hear.]


Driggs @ Manhattan
It was odd, kittlings: within a week one heard of "this new place," Enid's, from at least five different people. Wild tales circulated, of a cathedral of drinking, with chairs for all, of a destination beyond the reach of the Manhattanization of Bedford, where it was nevertheless always possible to bump into someone you knew (and if not, then at least there was decent pinball). Someday the myth will achieve the status of myth; in the meantime, Enid's appears to be all that. [The regulars are particularly loyal to the Tuesday/Friday [and other] night tender, who they claim, not without reason, is the best tender in The City. Ask for the "Sucker Punch," and tip heavily.] [Enid's is one of the strongest contenders in the Friday night what-to-do battle, especially if you need to flee Manhattan: an amazing DJ, pinball, cheap beer, and of course, a tender who has managed to synthesize something like spontaneous cabaret with the arts of pourin' and sassin'. Enid's itself makes up for the fact that it is probably impossible to go there and not run into someone, from sometime, from somewhere (usually PDX), who you haven't seen in a long time.] { gray-Neo and e-Lux 3/26/00: Yeah! Cheap beer, a lot of fun folks, cheap beer and good love. Why didn't we ever go here before?! Gray-Neo (that's me) is impressed, and e-Lux is actually thinking about moving to Greenpoint just for Enid's! That's what he says anyway. Can you dig it? We're still basking in the after-glow of a double, Friday'n'Saturday Enid's weekend.} [Enid's = good love and TLC. Sucker punches for everyone! They need to fix the pinball machine though.] [...Revenge From Mars is back in action! Hurray!] [Presidente plus pinball, minus the pinball, equals Presidente. Can you find what is wrong in this equation?] [Sundays, sometimes free movies...and strange ones too:  Grey Gardens? Whoah!] { gray-Neo and e-Lux 12/22/00: rock  and roll! never a dull moment and a lot of super ones at Enid's—you're home for the holidays! in this big fat den of beer and music!} [(It's my birthday! and Slick calls from South Africa. I soberly promise to make up for her absence tonight by dancing on top of a table.) Fulfilling y oung dreams of drunk, I clamored up and joined BrooklynBelle in a bar-top performance for the whole place—the saxophoned chorus of the song does not leave my mind, I had no rhythm—crowning an evening remembered because I can't put together much else that happens. Except bottomless glasses of scotch and way too many shots of Sucker Punch and smiling uncontrollably. (The dinner chez moi is magic, a few of my favorite people dismembering lobsters and guzzling white wine, but crossing the East River into Greenpoint: Lethe. I do have rhyme, and I consider changing the s pelling of my name.) Vive Enid's!] { namenskid 5/20/01: Enid's kicks so much ass, unless you're sleepy, sobering down too fast. Oh, dear! is that the time? Night-night.}


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