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253 Conover
Red Hook
(718) 237-8888
How to get there? How to get home? I don't know; you'll have to give Sonny's a bell. But! but you will have a fine time while there. The interior is in terrible shape, and it's hot to boot. But invariably there's live music being performed from atop the bar by seemingly random zoning curiosity, you don't pay for your drinks until you're on the way out. In the meantime you keep track of them with penciled hash-marks on a little slip of paper. The atmosphere is carnivalesque. [Word has it that Sonny's is only open a couple of times each month, so keep your ear to the ground for these special nights, kittlings.] [I can't say, in fact, how often Sonny's is open, nor does it seem possible to stumble across it. You have to destine yourself there. Still, Sonny's, "a true wonderland of joy, even Rude Ralph agrees..." And so one's only regret might be arriving for Last Call and not having been there the entire evening. Sonny's provides a sort of lunacy with which to combat this regret, however, and I think that that telephone number up there is actually for the closest car service... if I remember correctly, which doesn't seem likely now does it?] { PK1 10/13/00: like cassablanca, i always thought red hook truly existed in one's mind/heart. that is, until i walked home from sonny's. how i actually got there i don't think i'll ever know. how i got home across the river is something i will never forget. (never assume that the topography is any less significant simply because you are homeward bound.)}

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