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Right Bank
Kent @ Broadway
Southside (Willy-B)
[With an outdoor patio, a straight-up barroom, and a back room to boot, this swell, financially feasible spot can accommodate a variety of patrons without ever seeming crowded. French doors at the end of the barroom provide a nearly perfect view of the bridge, as well as "pleasant breezes." They must serve food since tables feature ketchup, S&P, and maple syrup; I haven't been yet without someone proposing shots of Log Cabin, and now I've seen it done (for 8$ and breakfast). The live music is hit or miss, as They say, whereas the "art" on the wall that advertises the music is decidedly  miss. Tightly tuned Funhouse entertains those waiting for the bathroom. In the patio hangs a large lotto number display that looks like a millennium clock still running, as if, in order to resist the gentrification of Williamsburg, the Right Bank were attempting to remain in the past.] [Whoah! sippin' afternoons away at the Right Bank: I'm not entirely sure what could be better, kittlings.] [New and improved Right Bank, now with Attack From Mars!] [Two words: Nat West! Watching and listening to Mr. West, observing the antics of those around me, and being interviewed for public access, I am tempted to say that the Right Bank is the best place ever.] [Two more words: great tender! Happy stuffed animals were dancing that toxic dance as my head bobbed up and down to a beat only I could hear. Whiskey? Why not: finish me off, fine.] [!]

Ship's Mast
Kent @ South 4?
Southside (Willy-B)
[Been but once, but I would gladly run aground again on this dark open space, with its pool table and 360 bar, from the center of which emerges an aggressive escarpment of sculpture. A list of what seems to be every car service in Brooklyn is taped to the side of the pay phone in the entrance. One of these services has this phone caller-IDed; when I picked it at random, the dispatcher knew exactly where I was.] { gray-Neo and e-Lux 11/11/00: whether you're coming from the north or the south, kittlings, coming to this place is all about broken glass and weeds growing in the sidewalk cracks + if you come from the north you get the added bonus [What other kinds of bonuses are there? -Theo A. Nusyg] of getting the hell out of ugly Bedford-Land and passing by the Domino sugar strike trailor... The Ship's Mast is BIG like the bridge it's under, and that probably is why there are never a lot of people in here...that's what it seems like. A place to sit and 3$ Buds are pretty much what we're all about! There's a pool table and a dancing area but who cares. Sit me on a stool and send me another plastic cup of beer, PLEASE!} [I was here? er, there? Did they serve me? If oui, then, well, wow: They should have called me a car.]

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