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Heartland Brewery
Union Square W, 16/17
Union Squares
[On an almost daily basis I run the gauntlet of restaurants along Union Square West, and I wince. Mobs of lunchers talk biz and trash as they return my stares. There was a time when I promised myself never to join them, but the prospect of some freelance cash means, today, I accept an invitation to "do lunch" at the Heartland Brewery, an abomination nestled among similarly ridiculous situations. Describing its strip-mall-supplement interior would be dishonest since I never left my window seat. No, instead I  did lunch, which is to say that while slopping nacho toppings all over myself, I finished five plump pints of some in-house beer, and conversation gracefully veered far from biz and into the terrain of The City, its intrigues, convolutions, revolutions.]

13, Broadway/4
Union Squares
{ BrooklynBelle 7/14/00: Goodbye Tunnel. Goodbye Life and Limelight. Goodbye Goodbye. There is a new festering breed of clubland these days. Gone are the too dark, smoky, techno-throbbing mazes of clubs past. Welcome to the light, airy, chic, pseudo-ian shrager-influenced design of the modern dance club. It REALLY feels like you're in a miami hotel lobby! So, Welcome to the $9 well drink served in a SMALL plastic cup! Gee I remember when those drinks only cost $7!! And you just know it's HOT! HOT! HOT! when all the manhappening mod kids, popular transsexuals and other hip, downtown degenerates are throwing their cute and fun brand of weekly parties there. The Wednesday night party has actually gotten better...I mean we still can't afford the friggin drinks...so drink heavily at a cheap bar before arriving at 12:30, but I have to give props and extend my appreciation for the front door girl. I had meant to sway her with charm as I hadn't called ahead that day to get on the comp list and I ! was amazed when she let my party of 4 in with just a name drop of a promoter. Once inside, it's a L.E.S. and Willy-B [E, N, or S? -SYborg] reunion. The rotation of DJ's can be slightly disconcerting as there were many pauses on the dance floor as we tried to surmise what trajectory path the music would head next. Some punk, some mod, some 70's and 80's forgotten classics. What do you expect when Cloie Sevigny's brother is spinning? Well...you could always head into the OTHER room for a quieter, sexier go at it...but then you can't ogle the go-go girls, now can you?}

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