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American Trash
1, 76/77
Uppity East Side
I've been but once to this Uppity East Side gem that, aside from titular concepts, stands out by virtue of the fact that whenever Metallica (73KB mid) comes on the box, the tenders scream with glee—the patrons, on the other hand, are an utterly regrettable part of taking yourself out to the Trash.

60 @ Lex
Uppity East Side
The aptly named Subway used to be the pre-ride stop when returning from Tiny's first City res, and I can barely remember what the interior is like. Both of these things go a long way to explaining why once, in the wee hours, I accidentally got on the N,R going into Queens and had to sit in the middle of the lower deck of the Queensborough Bridge, I think, until some ungodly hour, waiting for a downtown train.

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