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4488 Broadway @ 192
Washington Heights
{ Eclipse the Gum 1/17/01: Seven months into the new bar game and this place is like a pair of blousing biker shorts: wants to be cool, but can't pull it off. In the black, a lot of fishtanks give the place a  Veronica-esque, feng shui vibe. In the red, men arriving after 11pm barf up $10 to the door whore. In the humor column, "Dress code enforced" meant wear something fashionable in 1990. The reserved seating marquee was for show only. Sample convo: "Can't we sit here?" "Sure." Then he took the marquee away. And the waitress kept folding our napkins into triangles?! A sensation akin to buying a fitted dress shirt from one of the hoop-earringed homegirls at Macy's. I'll most likely come back...just before 11pm.}

Reynold's Bar
Broadway, one block N of GWB bus station
Washington Heights
{ Eclipse the Gum 1/26/01: You just lost $300 playing the ponies at the OTB, looking for googoo exotics that earn in the g's. This may happen three Saturdays a year. To the denizens of this flytrap, it's just another day at the office. THE place to avoid during the Triple Crown.}

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