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inspecters — theory

Ghosts, machines.—One hesitates to insert a preposition. Let us then speak  of a prepositionality  under investigation.  Between urban coordinates, a certain fluidity: how should this space (or is it time?), which you experience along the way, be thought?

Der Grund, ein Abgrund.—One hesitates at a precipice. To have added to topography topography too first raises questions of the  supplément as such (merci, M. Derrida).  Between bars, a certain spacing: how can these lacunae, in which you experience 'along the way,' be thought?

Negations, writings.—One hesitates to write, or not to. Again, we come across the difference of explanation and suggestion, clarity and obscurity, of determination and whimsy.  Between drinks, a certain language: how are these verbal productions, which you  are along the way, thought?

"Thought is no longer theoretical. As soon as it functions it offends or reconciles, attracts or repels, breaks, dissociates, unites or reunites; it cannot help but liberate and enslave. Even before prescribing, suggesting a future, saying what must be done, even before exhorting or merely sounding an alarm, thought, at the level of its existence, in its very dawning is in itself an action—a perilous act." -Foucault

directions — praxis

Like new urban coordinates, additions to urban coordinates already listed, new lexicalia, and additions to lexicalia already listed, researches may be submitted for inclusion in topography. Use this form or email The SYborg with your materials.

Note: If possible, specify an appropriate location for your research. For example, some thoughts on Perry Street are located in Greenwich.

Unlike new urban coordinates, etc., researches may address anything related to The City. 'Anything' may be misleading here. The SYborg is less interested in things and ideas than in phenomena, which is not to say that reflection on a building as a thing, for instance, does not belong. Rather, one should keep in mind The SYborg's insistence on The City as a heterogeneous field of force, a shifting set of relations in which, so it appears, nothing remains identical to itself. Possible areas of research include but are not limited to: architecture, advertising, city blocks, neighborhoods, delis, shopping, parks, restaurants, real estate, dating (or not), shows, answering machine messages, performances, boats, parties, walks, ducks, boredom, subways, taxi rides, jobs, books about New York, urban habits, art galleries, tourists, non-tourists, police, the end of the world.

Note: "Significant literary effectiveness can come into being only in a strict alternation between action and writing; it must nurture the inconspicuous forms that fit its influence in active communities better than does the pretentious, universal gesture of the book—in leaflets, brochures, articles, and placards. Only this prompt language shows itself actively equal to the moment" (Benjamin,  Einbahnstraße).

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